Why be a member of CACSD?

Why Membership?

Often in the world of Higher Education, budgets are tight and professional development money is easily cut in favour of student programming. In the Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development (CACSD), we understand the importance of growing personally and professionally in order to better yourself and your work. We strive to provide affordable access to the following opportunities and services to help you do just that!


The CACSD, at its core, is an avenue for relationship between like minded people who have a passion for both university-aged students and Jesus Christ. Members are invited into a community – making it easier to pick up the phone and inquire, gain resources, and be encouraged. This is carried out day-to-day through a Facebook group, as well as our Google Listserv. Annually, there are also opportunities for in-person connection both regionally and nationally.


CACSD has member institutions across all of Canada, opening up the opportunity for diverse resource and experience sharing. This is carried out through conversations and connections made in our Listserv. This tool allows you to email all members to ask for opinions, glean wisdom, explore ideas, and more.

Our Annual, National Conference features many relevant speakers and workshops which will connect members to an awareness of trends, understanding of best practice, and the latest developments in the world of Student Development!


Our association offers uniquely Canadian perspectives in a space filled with American thought and research. Our members are better able to connect with one another and provide insights because of their shared understanding and experience. Our national scale allows you access to colleagues outside of your provincial sphere.  

Christians working in both the public sphere and Christian institutions will benefit from the Christ-centered approach we take to Student Development work. This provides space to consider how Christ influences the work that we do in our co-curricular planning.


As a member, you will have the opportunity to join us at our Annual, National Conference. Along with this you are given access to an application for the John Krueger Travel Bursary and the privilege to vote at our Annual General Meeting.

Members are encouraged to consider roles on our Executive Committee, publish articles that are posted on our website (with the chance to win awards!), and plan regional meetings that will be partially funded by the CACSD. Job opportunities can also be shared and viewed through our Listserv and Website. Each of these open up an opportunity for you to impact colleagues across our country.

It is the CACSD’s purpose to glorify God by providing resources for fellowship, professional development, encouragement, and leadership, resulting in greater effectiveness for ministering to students in Canada. We cannot do this without you!
If you have questions regarding membership or would like to complete a membership application form, or contact Kathleen Doll, our membership coordinator at kathleen.doll@columbiabc.edu


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