2019 Conference Information

2019 CACSD Conference – Rooted In

Think of a tree with a well-developed root system, planted in good soil. Student Life Departments are like trees, complex and alive. We are rooted in the soil of theories and theology as well as history and humanity. At our conference this spring, we will consider the roots that nourish us while we also share about the winds and weather that challenge our health.

During the conference this year, we are focusing on the health of the systems (the soil) that we exist in at our institutions.  We hope to provide opportunities to learn about student development theories and experiences that support professional programs and personnel in our pursuit to build strong foundations for our programs and students.

We are excited to offer 3 fantastic plenary speakers from the Canadian higher education scene this year to help us think through the Rooted In theme.  

Dr. Melanie Humphreys – President, The King’s University, Edmonton, AB

Cathryn Heslep – Ombudsperson, McEwan University, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Vern Peters – Biology Professor, The King’s University, Edmonton, AB

Early bird registration is open until April 19, 2019. 

Link to Registration form https://goo.gl/forms/yh26q8OdiN6dFSyo2

Pre-Conference Workshops – Monday, June 3 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

More information regarding these workshops will be located on the CACSD website.  Registration is available in the form for the conference.

  1. Join Dr. Vern Peters on a walking lecture through the beautiful sanctuary of Elk Island National Park as he teaches us more about how trees are “rooted in” to their ecosystems so we can consider how we are rooted in to ours. More info on Elk Island National Park: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/ab/elkisland
  1. Senior Administrators Roundtable – facilitated by Dr. Michael Ferber, VP Student Life, Dean of Students, The King’s University.  All Senior Administrations are invited to come to a roundtable discussion.  This is a valuable time to discuss the challenges and joys of Senior Administration, best practices for departments, and creating vision for your team.

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