Conference 2015

2015 CACSD National Conference 

1. (usually transitive or reflexive) to make or become fresh or vigorous, as through rest, drink, or food; revive or reinvigorate
2. (transitive) to enliven (something worn or faded), as by adding new decorations
3. (transitive) to stimulate (the memory)
4. (transitive) to replenish, as with new equipment or stores
5. (computing) to display the latest updated version (of a web page or document); reload

refresh. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Denis Howe. (accessed: November 17, 2014).

 By the end of the academic year, we can feel drained and worn down.  When we are tired it can be difficult to see the potential in the programs, plans and visions that we have developed along the way.  At times we need to refresh our vision by looking at what we do in a new way that makes it come alive again.  We invite you to take some time to revive and renew your vision for student life through a variety of workshops, plenary speakers and conversations with colleagues.  Be refreshed in your leadership, your practice and your faith this spring at the annual CACSD conference

The 2015 CACSD national conference will be held from May 25-28th, 2015 at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, MB. This conference will be run concurrently with the Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC) conference and will feature some shared sessions.

Register for the 2015 Conference today using our online registration form.

View our 2015 conference schedule: CACSD 2015 Schedule

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