Partner Magazine

CACSD publishes, Partner, a bi-annual magazine in digital format.  Partner includes updates on CACSD happenings, articles on issues in Student Development, book reviews and reflections. All current CACSD members receive Partner via e-mail. Back issues of Partner can be found below.

If you would like to contribute to Partner, please contact Greg Veltman,  CACSD Publications and Communications Manager at

Fall 2014 PartnerPartner Fall 2014v3

Spring 2014 Partner: Partner Spring 2014 WEB

Fall 2013 Partner: Partner Fall 2013 WEB

Winter 2013: Partner Winter 2013

Summer 2012 Partner: Partner Summer 2012

Winter 2012 Partner: Partner Winter 2012

Summer 2011 PartnerPartner Summer 2011

Winter 2011 PartnerPartner Winter 2011

Summer 2010 PartnerPartner Summer 2010

Winter 2010 PartnerPartner Winter 2010

Fall 2009 PartnerPartner Fall 2009

Fall 2008 PartnerPartner Fall 2008

Spring 2008 PartnerPartner Spring 2008

Fall 2007 PartnerPartner Fall 2007

Spring 2007 PartnerPartner Spring 2007

Fall 2006 PartnerPartner Fall 2006

Spring 2006 PartnerPartner Spring 2006

Winter 2004 PartnerPartner Winter 2004

Fall 2003 PartnerPartner Fall 2003


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