Membership in CACSD is open to all Christians working as student development-related personnel. Our association offers uniquely Canadian perspectives through a vibrant and growing network. Whether you are a professional with many years of experience, a student intern just beginning in the student affairs profession, or a student leader in your college or university, CACSD is for you.

The CACSD Executive understands that budgets are often tight in Higher Education, and often professional development money is easily cut.  However, we view professional development as crucial to your role.  In an effort to encourage an affordable membership fee structure to as many professionals as possible, the CACSD Executive is offering the following membership fee schedule: 

1)  Institutional Membership Fees for those from institutions that have traditionally supported CACSD:

•          $50 – 2 members

•          $100 – 4 members

•          $150 – 6 members

•          $200 – 8 members

•          $250 – 10+ members

2)  For individuals who are unaffiliated with an institution such as students and those seeking employment in Student Life, the membership fee is $30.

3)  We are encouraging those institutions which include Athletics in the Student Life department to offer membership to those professionals as well. 

4)  Membership fees should be renewed no later than August 31 annually.  You may choose to update your membership when you register for the annual conference.

Membership benefits include: Partner journal, electronic news bulletin from the CACSD President, automatic subscription to the CACSD Google-group, annual CACSD conference discount, voting privileges, and professional networking.

Each applicant must freely and officially subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement and accept the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association. Each member must annually reaffirm adherence to the doctrinal statement.  The Constitution and Bylaws can be found on the CACSD website.

Member Renewal – If you were a CACSD member in 2015-2016 you do NOT need to fill out another application for 2016-2017.  All you need to do is send an e-mail to our Membership Coordinator, Samantha Groenendijk, at indicating your desire to be a member for 2016-2017 along with any changes to your information.  A cheque payable to CACSD for the cost of membership can be mailed directly to the membership coordinator at:
Samantha Groenendijk
C/O Providence University College
10 College Crescent
Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1G0

New Members – If you were not a CACSD member in 2015-2016 please fill out the 2016-2017 CACSD Membership Form using Word, and e-mail it to   OR  fill out a hard copy and mail it to our membership coordinator along with a cheque payable to CACSD for the cost of the membership fees at:
Samantha Groenendijk
C/O Providence University College
10 College Crescent
Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1G0

Please pass this information on to others whom you feel could benefit from CACSD membership.   

Questions or concerns about CACSD membership? Contact our Membership Coordinator, Samantha Groenendijk at


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