2017-2018 CACSD Executive Members


Andrea Hensen, MA
Manager of Accessibility and Support Services at Ambrose University
E: andrea.hensen@ambrose.edu

Sandra Loeppky
Co-Vice President
Coordinator of International Student and Accessibility Programs at Canadian Mennonite University
E: sloeppky@cmu.ca

Joy Ulrich
Co-Vice President
Career Services Director at Ambrose University
E: joy.ulrich@ambrose.edu

George Sweetman, MA
Dean of Students at Tyndale University College
E: gsweetman@tyndale.ca

Samantha Groenendijk
Membership Coordinator
Interim Coordinator of the Providence Fund at Providence University College
E: samantha.groenendijk@prov.ca

Greg Veltman
Publications and Communications Manager
Interfaith Coordinator at Mount Royal University
E: gregpveltman@gmail.com

We want to hear from our fellow CACSD members about how we can serve you and our organization better. Please feel free to contact any executive member with any questions or suggestions that you might have. We look forward to connecting!


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