Past Conferences

Here is a full listing of our past CACSD National Conferences. Click on the theme of any given year to view the program from that conference. We’re working on uploading the programs from all our past conferences.

Year Host Institution Conference Theme
1989 Winnipeg Bible College The Challenge of Tomorrow: Preparing for a New Decade
1990 Canadian Bible College The Growing Edge: The Challenge of Exploring New Frontiers in Student Development
1991 Briercrest Bible College Who Cares? The Challenge of Care Giving
1992 Prairie Bible Institute Encouragement!
1993 Providence College Christianity in Our Culture
1994 Ontario Bible College Rebuilding Our Personal Worlds
1995 Canadian Bible College
1996 Columbia Bible College
1997 Briercrest Bible College
1998 Eastern Pentecostal Bible College Ministering to Students in a Postmodern World
1999 Providence College & Theological Seminary Developing Professionally in Christian Higher Education
2000 Prairie Bible College The Third Millennium: Higher Education and Changing Expectations
2001 Canadian Bible College Equipping the Future
2002 Tyndale College The Student Development Professional: Educating the Whole Person
2003 Briercrest Bible College Community and Diversity: Creating Inclusive Higher Education Environments
2004 Trinity Western University Growing Into Leadership
2005 Canadian Mennonite University Tuned In
2006 Heritage College and Seminary Come Home
2007 Rocky Mountain College Leave a Trail (Open Space conference)
2008 Redeemer University College The Big Idea: Form, Connect, Inspire
2009 Ambrose University Taking Flight
2010 Emmanuel Bible College Transformed
2011 Crandall University College Refresh Renew Revive
2012 The King’s University College Be
2013 Redeemer University College Identity: Ipse | Idem
2014 Columbia Bible College Thrive- Conference Handbook
2015 Canadian Mennonite University Refresh
2016 Tyndale University College Visions- Conference Handbook

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